Bonus Bingo

Bonus Bingo

Now every Monday join us for “Bonus Bingo”. Just earn 15 points on your Players Club card and stop by the Players Club for your 3 on Bingo card.

Games will be called every 20 minutes beginning at 5:00 PM until 7:40 PM. These will be Single Line Games. The winner of each single line game will be the first contestant to achieve a 5-spot patter in any direction.  Winner will receive $50 Free Play.

At 8:00 PM a blackout game will be called. The winner of each blackout game will be the first contestant to achieve a blackout on their bingo card that corresponds with the number of balls called that week. Payout on the blackout bonus games can vary based on whether the parameter required to trigger the progressive bonus award are met. When the “Progressive parameters” are achieved, the winning payout is the Progressive Bonus value. When the parameters to trigger the progressive bonus payout are not met, the winners will receive $500 cash. In the case where there are multiple winners on the same ball called, prizes for the blackout bonus games are split evenly amongst all winners.

*See detailed “Rules of Play” posted at the Players Club.

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